Timepiece #2
Our understanding and measurement of time is no longer determined by the movement of celestial bodies, but by the frequency of an atom’s vibration.
The earth’s rotations are slowing down at an approximate rate of 1.4 - 1.7 milliseconds per century, proposing the idea that our time measurement system will eventually fall out of synchronisation with the rotations of the earth and we will lose all relationship with the planetary movements.
Timepiece #2 is an audio account of seconds re-calibrated to the slowed rotation of the earth, engaging with ideas of synchronicity, futural time and time in flux. Within two separate vessels, audio of a clock ticking can be heard; the first tick repeats every second; the second, every 1.00000162 seconds – the length a second would be 10,000 years in the future if calibrated to the changed rotation of the earth. 
Through this work, two temporalities are brought into co-existence. I expose a critical flaw in the design of timekeeping, questioning the validity and reliability of our conception of time and asking us to consider the long-term future. The isolated nature of the two ticks, which play on loop, evokes an extended sense of ‘now’, arguing against the fixity of time by presenting a fluid and shifting temporal landscape. This piece exists without record of passed time or evidence of duration; fluctuating in and out of synchronisation with each other, forming an eternal now which extends beyond our contemporary conception of the present.
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