On The Fence
This project works alongside organisation Zorgvrijstaat Rotterdam West ("The Free Care State of Rotterdam West") who is concerned with exploring and imagining new ways that care can be self-organised by residents and organisations within the geographic area of Rotterdam West.
We propose the scenario of removing adjoining back fences of neighbouring residences to create a private and communal garden space for the occupants of the houses surrounding this block. On the Fence is designed to be used as a tool for this design fiction, where players role play characters and between them negotiate and organise shared space. 
Although functioning as a tool to plan a shared garden space, On The Fence is instead primarily concerned with methods of connecting people in local neighbourhoods, designed to forge bonds and relationships through role playing scenarios which require open communication, problem solving and negotiation between neighbours. 
Collaboration with Na Wei, Ádám Farkas, Vicky Sydow and Zorgvrijstaat Rotterdam West
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