An Invitation to Watch Grass Grow
An Invitation to Watch Grass Grow is an invitation to consider slowness and unproductivity in a hyper-fast, time-scarce world. A cluster of eco-resin cylinders embedded with blades of grass are installed on the existing grass at the Greenway, drawing attention to elements of nature which often go unnoticed, but also questioning their position in the long term. In our current age of unsettlement, I ask the question of how much longer will we have the luxury of watching grass grow? 
In a society characterised by speed and efficiency, we are focused almost exclusively on the here-and-now. We have distanced ourselves from the long term future and no longer have the time to consider life beyond our own lifespan. Collectively, we have a propensity to think in the short-term which is hindering our ability to take responsibility for the long-term future of the earth. We place immense value on speed and efficiency. The past few decades has seen an unprecedented acceleration of anthropic behaviours and a correlating acceleration of natural earth processes. The earth cannot sustain our current pace of life - we are consuming more natural resources than the earth can produce and altering the existing natural climate through human actions and the accelerating rate at which we perform these actions. 
Can we approach slowness not as a lifestyle choice, but instead as a necessary way of living to delay the continued negative environmental impacts caused by human behaviour?
In existing in the 'now' we can extend our conception of the duration of now, encouraging long-term thinking and challenging ideologies of progress, acceleration, production, consumption. 
This work encourages a long-term view and speculation of the future. It creates dialogue, fosters critical thinking and challenges our existing view of the world. By presenting objects that will exist beyond our own lifetimes - an element of now preserved in eco-resin - I am aiming to stretch our conception of ‘now’ into a longer timeframe. This work is an invitation to reclaiming time and reclaiming futures by indulging in the unproductive waste of time that is watching grass grow.
“..the repetitive excess of time, the unproductive waste of time, (is) the only possibility of escape from the modern ideology of progress.” - Boris Groys, Comrades of Time
Commission for Art on The Greenway, Inner West Council 2018

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